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About Bicycling

This past Saturday, I saw absent-minded bicycling in action. I was leaving Pittsburgh after OCD therapy. On the way out of Oakland, I drove by a bicyclist heading in the opposite direction. On the sidewalk nearest him was a female runner in the tightest of tight Spandex. The bicyclist glued his eyes to her instead of watching the road.

That’s all I saw.

Seconds later, tinny brakes shrieked.

I looked behind me and saw the bicyclist getting up from the pavement. He had ridden directly into a stopped Jeep.

This reminded me of the trouble road-riding bike enthusiasts can cause. In New York City, they swerve in and out of traffic. Sometimes they’ll hop the curb to beat a red light. If they even bother to acknowledge the red light to begin with.

Yet there are laws protecting the bicyclist. For instance, in order to pass a bike on a road in Pennsylvania, the car operator must leave four feet between itself and the bicyclist. Why should I have to cross into another lane? Like that isn’t at all dangerous.

Uh-uh. No. Sorry.

They shouldn’t be allowed on roadways. Not without a license. If every other vehicle must have one, then so should the helmeted banana-seat-jockeys. It’s only fair. After all, the infrastructure of the United States was built to accommodate motor vehicles, not cavalcades of Schwinns.


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