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Future of ‘X-Men’ Movies

The year is 2080. It’s been almost sixty years since the last superhero movie. The genre died a horrible death after the influx of them by Warner Bros. and Disney. Many of which were about characters that didn’t necessitate a solo movie.

Now 20th Century Fox has decided enough time has passed. The public’s wounds must have healed. It’s time for the superhero movie to return. And X-Men will be the test subject, as it was in the late 1990s.

That’s a scenario I thought up the other day. It’s entirely possible to start up any other superhero movie franchise in the distant future EXCEPT for X-Men. That’s because of one central character: Magneto.

Magneto’s backstory begins in the concentration camps of World War II. I’m not familiar with the interpretation of the character in the comics, just in the movies. And in the movies, the concentration camp played a huge part in Magneto’s motivation. It’s part of what defines the character. That makes it pretty difficult to set an X-Men movie any later than the late 1990s or mid-2000s unless Magneto’s backstory is drastically altered.

It’s possible, though. Magneto could survive one of the genocides in Africa taking place now.

Or he could keep his World War II backstory by being frozen and thawed out sixty years later. But the same thing would have to be done to Charles Xavier. One can’t exist without the other.

The frozen idea may be most pleasing to the fans. No doubt they’d have something to say about a complete rewrite of Magneto’s backstory.

Which shouldn’t be changed, in my opinion. He wouldn’t be the same character. Magneto wouldn’t be the same character. That’d be like Peter Parker being Spider-man without having been bitten by a radioactive spider. Wolverine just being born with Adamantium instead of a military experiment gone awry. Or Bruce Wayne lurking over Gotham City as the Batman without his parents being murdered.

The back stories are important. They define who these characters will be. Without them, they wouldn’t exist.


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